The Slade Story

About Us

Corporate Profile

Founded in 1967, over the last 50 years Slade Group has built and maintained its reputation as an Australian leader in recruitment and HR services.

Our service and culture is based on strong values:

  • Respect for colleagues, clients and candidate
  • Pride in all striving for excellence
  • Motivated by quality and commercial success
  • Genuine in all our interactions.

We are recognised for our deep understanding and skills in HR consulting and recruiting across clearly defined clusters of professions and sectors:

In all these we work for both Permanent and Temporary (Contract) appointments:

  • Accounting, Banking & Finance
  • Consumer, Sport & Entertainment
  • Digital, Marketing & IT
  • Education & Government
  • Healthcare & Not-for-Profit
  • Professional & Office Support
  • Technical & Operations


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ISO 9001 Quality CertifiedA Quality Assured company with ISO 9001:2015 certification this embedded in all services, provides a high level of comfort for clients and candidates.

Our consultants work with sought after employers, and it’s our pleasure to represent high performing talent to blue chip organisations.

You will experience the difference of a firm that values an overlay of ever improving technology and web enabled searches with well trained, professionally qualified consulting staff.  We invest a great deal in applied HR and recruitment training and we hire for ourselves only those people with the intelligence and capabilities to deliver a great journey and an excellent hiring result.

From the boardroom to the reception desk.  From Senior Executives to short term temporary staff, Slade Group has the track record, experience and well honed systems and processes to deliver the services you need.

Company History

Slade Group was founded over 50 years ago by Geoff Slade, a recognised originator of recruitment services in Australia. Geoff has been deeply involved in the recruitment sector for over four decades including his role as the founding National President of the Recruitment and Consulting Services Association (RCSA).

An advocate for education, training and industry qualifications for recruitment professionals for many years, Geoff’s dedication to the field of employment was publicly recognised when he was awarded the Centenary Medal by the Australian Government in 2000 for services to the industry. As a result of this career-long commitment, many practicing recruitment consultants around Australia have worked for and been trained by Geoff over the past four decades.

Values and Philosophy

At the heart of what drives us is our determination to find quality candidates for quality clients and offer the best possible recruitment experience for both. Candidates need opportunities to prove their capabilities, earn their position and be both encouraged and supported by their workplace; Clients need candidates who can step into the fray and bring their experience, skills and ambition to the table.

Slade Group emphasises honesty and transparency in all our business activities with a particular focus on candidate care. We recognise the best qualities in both parties, candidates and clients, and do everything in our power to bring them together.

Everyone at Slade Group is passionate about the field of recruitment. We recognise it’s a team effort and maintaining the highest professional standards is critical. Therefore, we’re continually assessing our strategy and evolving our recruitment policies. Combined with our best practice processes and technology, we strive to offer a great recruitment experience, no matter where you are in Australia.

Our Sister Companies

The Interchange Bench is part of Slade Group. Our Slade teams recruit professional and technical specialist roles for permanent and ongoing positions. We also partner with TRANSEARCH International Australia, part of TRANSEARCH International – one of the world’s leading international Executive Search firms, and Yellow Folder Research, a professional services firm providing talent advice and corporate research.

Article image: Why do I stay and enjoy recruitment