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You haven’t failed to surprise me 2021!

Posted on December 15, 2021 by Anita Ziemer
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Twice this year, separately on Zoom and in face-to-face interview, two senior executives started speaking about their Super Powers; as in “my Super Power is problem solving” or “my Super Power is building consensus”. And as those words sprouted forth from their mouths, I held my poker face and … Read More

Step by step: returning to the office with confidence.

Posted on November 9, 2021 by Greg Maselos
Article image: Returning to the office with confidence

That thought bubble ‘returning to the office’ pops up, and a thousand worrisome considerations rush through my mind.  Questions such as: Will I be safe travelling on public transport? Am I not only risking my own health, but the health of my colleagues, just by turning up in person? Read More

Thriving on Chaos – Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Posted on July 19, 2021 by Catherine DeVrye

As we’re more than half way through 2021 and those of us in Australia enter a new financial year amidst lockdown, the covid chaos of the past 18 months remains a challenge.

Like many, I recently moved to a home office after selling my business premises. It took ages to … Read More

NAIDOC 2021: On ancient cultures, and modern workplaces

Posted on July 9, 2021 by Diversity Council Australia
Article image: NAIDOC week 2021 Heal Country

By Professor Deen Sanders OAM

Through his eyes…

Professor Deen Sanders OAM is a Worimi Man and Lead Partner at Deloitte. He shares his thoughts for NAIDOC week 2021.

As an Aboriginal person, it is my deeply held belief that every person benefits from living in better relationship with their … Read More

NAIDOC 2021: From standing alone to standing together

Posted on July 7, 2021 by Diversity Council Australia
Article image: Standing alone, standing together

By John Paul Janke

I’ve always had a special connection to NAIDOC Week; it holds such special memories for me.

In the 1970s, I remember gatherings and street marches in Cairns with my family and when we moved to Canberra in the late 1970s – attending many community and public … Read More

What it means to be proud at work in 2021

Posted on July 1, 2021 by Chris Toussaint
Article image: Proud at work in 2021

While you may have seen more colours than usual in your social feed over the last month during Pride*, it’s not always all rainbows and unicorns for LGBTQI+ people at work. Our level of acceptance and comfort varies from occupation to industry, geographic location and the size of the organisation.… Read More

Our push for better mental health. Are you up for the challenge?

Posted on June 1, 2021 by Candice Lewis
Article image: The Push Up Challenge

Did you know that one in five Australians will experience mental ill health this year, yet only 46% of people seek help? It’s a complex challenge – for our loved ones and ourselves, but most of all, for the nine Australians who die by suicide every day.

That is why … Read More

Introversion v. Extroversion in leadership. Seems the jury’s still out.

Posted on May 21, 2021 by Anita Ziemer
Article image: Introvert v Extrovert

Is it a hidden advantage to be an introverted boss, or as an extrovert do you have additional horsepower in the table stakes of leadership? Prompted by The Hustle’s weekend newsletter, Why Introverts Make Great Leaders, it’s interesting to discover the parrying continues. I continue to be confused by … Read More