As I sit down to pen these words, I must remind myself that my glasses are in fact on, it is not a foggy night, and the blur is nothing but my new everlasting desire to reacquaint myself with my beloved pillow. The sleep-deprived haze that envelopes my world is, without a doubt, a testament to the whirlwind adventure that is fatherhood.

The joy of welcoming my son into the world is unparalleled, but let’s face it—no one handed me a manual on how to be a super dad, juggling a demanding career and the perpetual fatigue that accompanies those first few months.

Sleep, that elusive luxury, has become a hot commodity in our household. Gone are the days of eight-hour stretches of uninterrupted rest. Now, it’s a series of power naps and caffeine-fuelled manoeuvres to make it through the day. The phrase sleep when the baby sleeps has become the bane of my existence. Mainly from my childless friends full of rest and sound mind. My usual response is, “No worries, Glen, why don’t you do me the honours of showing me how you can fall into deep sleep within the next five minutes at three in the afternoon?” Glen’s visits have diminished in recent weeks. Was it something I said?

In the professional arena, deadlines and meetings wait for no one, not even a sleep-deprived new dad. There’s a delicate dance between maintaining a semblance of focus in the office and resisting the urge to nod off during the most crucial presentations. Although my clients, colleagues and leadership have constantly demonstrated understanding and flexibility, the little working man inside my head never fails to remind me that every corner I cut only creates a longer road. I feel that I am trading priorities for time, and then time for priorities, once again. Almost like a buy now, pay later scheme. The only thing that keeps me striving for excellence is an unspoken determination to give my little one the world.

As I stumble through the fog of fatigue, I’ve found solace in the support of my partner. Parenthood, I’ve come to realise, is a team sport. We trade off early morning feeds, take turns cradling our little one, and share the load of diaper duty. In those blurry-eyed moments, we’ve forged a stronger bond and a deeper appreciation for each other’s efforts.

In this newfound world of fatherhood, I’ve learned to celebrate the small victories. A successful diaper change, an hour to catch up on some work after successfully implementing the meticulously planned bedtime routine, or simply managing to brew a cup of coffee before it gets cold – these are the triumphs that keep me going.

So, to my fellow first-time dads navigating the foggy realms of parenthood, sleep, and career, I raise my lukewarm cup of coffee in solidarity. We may be tired, but we’re also resilient, filled with a love that transcends exhaustion. And in the end, that’s what makes this blurry-eyed adventure all worthwhile.